Assistance with all aspects of M & A

The Leach Partnership can assist acquirers or sellers with all aspects of M&A including search, valuation, evaluation (management, skills, positioning) due diligence, fund raising, contracts and negotiation.

Find out how we can help you use M&A as a major growth strategy, develop exit strategies, structure management buy-outs and restructure businesses to add value.

Why consider M&A

All businesses need to consider growth strategies and exit strategies. Our M&A services help with both. Through merger or acquisition you can help your company expand it’s offering; grow clients, revenues and people (including yourself); or even go international. You may acquire to generate critical mass and greater profits, new skills, new clients and maybe new management or even to access a new market (interstate or overseas).

How we can help

We can help you find potential partners – to acquire, merge with or sell to. We can prepare growth and exit strategies, assist with valuations, due diligence and Heads of Agreement. We can help you with experienced legal, accounting or tax advice from people seasoned in creative business building. We can also “manage” a sale for you – allowing you to remain focused on the business at hand.


Creative businesses are people businesses, M&A needs to be win/win, it needs to excite and motivate colleagues, persuade clients and satisfy personal ambition. To do this, consider M&A as an opportunity to:

  • Exit – to have a ‘managed departure’ from your company.
  • Buy-in – to take a personal stake in the company or buy into another company.
  • Buy-out – a mangement buy-out from a parent company or previous owner.
  • Restructuring – redistributing equity in recognition of the development of the organisation and individuals within it.