How to get your agency sale ready

In this hands on, interactive workshop, The Leach Partnership's William and Sangeeta talk about the five key areas to work on to get your agency sale ready. Plus the idea... Read More

The Commercial Case for Culture

The Leach Partnership argues the commercial case for culture at SAGE 2018. Culture is something most creative businesses strive to be known for within the industry, as the battle to attract... Read More

Flying under the radar a poor strategy for growth

October 13, 2016 9:52
Small agencies looking for growth but believing the best strategy is to “fly under the radar” are headed for failure, two senior agency business growth advisors have... Read More

Secrets of Unlocking Agency Growth

      A session with Independent Agencies talking about growth stages and inflection points and critical success factors that enable some agencies to break through to the next... Read More

SAGE 2016

In this talk Sangeeta and William Leach will discuss the major stages in agency lifecycle, from start-up to maturity. What are the key strategies – and key hires – to... Read More

Creating an elevator Pitch

Can you convincingly sell your agency in 30 seconds or less? William and Sangeeta Leach provide advice on how to summarise who you are and what your business does in... Read More

Positioning and the Art of Sacrifice

Sangeeta speaks at Commscon in March on the importance of Agency Positioning.  The Art of Sacrifice is crucial because standing for everything is the same as standing for nothing. The... Read More

TLP in Milan

The Leach Partnership kicks off the new year with a European leadership summit in Milan. Socialising the global vision for our client's business  and generating  some ground breaking ideas were the... Read More

SAGE- Business Planning Beyond The Numbers

The Leach Partnership at SAGE in Sydney and Melbourne on Planning for success- not just for profit.Most business plans are actually numbers. There's nothing wrong with numbers but... Read More

Agencies need more than Creative Awards

Alex Hayes report on the opening question to the panel on the importance of creative awards to new... Read More